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It has become increasing important that corporations manage their raw material in a more responsible manner. Other than environmental legislation, one has only to look at companies, who mismanage our natural resources, to prove that customers and communities will be taking a more active role in the way we do business. The onus will be on the corporations to prove they have reacted responsibly.

Plant audits have shown that a significant portion of your lubricant budgets is wasted each year. Lubricants are underutilized and discarded prematurely.  In addition, controlling the use of a number of lubricants can not only be time consuming but can lead to catastrophic failure as easily as poor maintenance practices.

In a competitive market, price has minimal effect on bottom line dollars.

  • Oil volume is often exchanged for price.
  • Supplier service commitments are predicated on account profitability

Conservation programs are often counter productive to the marketing strategies of commissioned or refinery driven suppliers.



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