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All too often product purchases are based on price, often resulting in marginal savings to a company.  The focus should be on the cost of lubrication, not the price of lubricants.

For example, a major manufacturer had come to accept a design flaw in its bolt maker which allowed its active sulfur cold heading oil to contaminate the gear oil reservoir resulting in the need to discard the gear oil after one pass. By introducing a new lubricant technology, which balanced the chemistry of the oils, consumption was reduced by 66%. The customer saved about $20,000.00 in direct product savings and indirect savings of approximately $5,000.00 (reduction in waste oil).  Additional benefits noted were cosmetic improvement to product and an increase in die life.

The phrase "If it's not broken, don’t fix it" is often used in industry leading to supplier complacency.  A major manufacturer considering Lubritec products and services questioned how we could improve on perfection.  A 5000 gallon centralized soluble oil system had run for 10 years without a change and was often used by its supplier as a testimonial to the quality of its oil products.  An analysis based on laboratory work and the customer’s yearly product consumption showed this customer was spending over $200,000.00 for product, fungicides, and biocides to maintain the system and was really changing the system every ten days.  A complete review showed that with a capital expenditure on water treatment equipment this customer could maintain this system for under $30,000.00 per year.

In this case the customer had become used to making the product work, instead of having the product work for them.  Often a review by someone not directly in the thick of things can provide a fresh perspective. Lubritec can provide that fresh review of a customers needs.


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