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Cutting Edge Alternatives For A Range of Commercial / Industrial Applications

Selection of Lubritec supplySpecialty lubricants are products that are niche focused, performance related, application orientated or environmentally specific.  

For years, private blenders and formulators in North America have formulated products to the same stringent standards (ISO and ASTM) as the major oil companies.  Some of these companies have dedicated 100% of their efforts to supply products to specific market segments and as a result have become recognized as leaders in their fields.

These companies offer their product to the market under a variety of trade names, including OEM manufacturers, and at times are sold to major oil companies to round out their product lines.

Post-Warranty: There Are Alternatives

OEM suppliers often offer their brand of product as a service to their equipment customers. These OEM supplied products are the correct product for the application, and in some cases an absolute requirement during warranty periods. But in most cases OEM suppliers do not own oil blending facilities, and must rely on a free and open market to secure right product for their application. Often Lubritec can provide the interpretation, technical analysis, and alternative that will provide economic benefit without sacrificing oil or equipment performance.

Lubritec has associated itself with many quality suppliers in areas such as industrial compressors, refrigeration, metalworking, and others.  This, along with analysis of the need and product application, we can offer products that are functional equivalents to those recommended by the manufacturers of the equipment.

Lubritec is dedicated to bringing to our customers new technologies that are both cutting edge and/or environmentally responsible, meeting the needs of our customers at the best economics.

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