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Concrete Removal By Traditional Means...but is it safe?

For many years the concrete industry has used Hydrochloric acid in the removal of concrete from equipment. The industry is well aware of its limitations and adverse effects as it relays to safety, corrosion, paint fade and environmental issues.
Hydrochloric acid (a.k.a. hydrochloride and muriatic acid) is second only to sulfuric acid in its numerous and diverse uses in the manufacturing sector.

Hydrochloric acid is a solution of the gas, hydrogen chloride (HCI) in water. It varies from colorless to pale yellow according to purity. At all strengths above 10%, the acid typically evolves into hydrogen chloride vapor with is characteristic by a sharp irritant odor that is identifiable by itchy eyes, cough and a burning sensation in the nose. Direct or concentrated exposure can immediately result in the burning of the eyes nose and throat and or respiratory tract.  It is important to review the safety material data sheets for required safety equipment.

Hydrochloric acid by its nature is a highly corrosive solution and is often used as a chemical intermediate to manufacture other chemicals and is used for the pickling and cleaning of metal surfaces.

Hydrochloric acid is effective in the removal of concrete from mobile equipment. However with out being effectively neutralized this acid will accelerate corrosion, paint fade and dulling or etching of ferrous and nonferrous metal surfaces.

The Viable Alternative

E-SAFE Liquid Concrete RemoverE-SAFE LIQUID CONCRETE REMOVER is safe to use, biodegradable, will not attack most paints and is non-corrosive. It is effective in removing concrete by migrating through the pores and fissures of the concrete surface to attack the calcium.

E-SAFE LIQUID CONCRETE REMOVERS’s reaction with concrete is immediate! It clings tenaciously to the surface and is ravenous in its attack of calcium, as visually apparent by the reaction layer that turns a concrete surface white.

E-SAFE LIQUID CONCRETE REMOVER is not hydrochloric acid and therefore not corrosive to skin - only safety glasses and gloves are required by the employee during application. Every effort has been made to ensure that the product is safe, controlled, and cost effective. There is no question that E-SAFE LIQUID CONCRETE REMOVER will remove concrete with proper application.



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